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Yoga, surfing, sustainability – inner strength for balance and harmony

Yoga can improve your balance on a board

Practicing yoga will improve your balance, your overall control over your body, concentration, and flexibility. All of these characteristics are highly useful on a surfing board, so sign into yoga classes to improve your surfing skills.

For more effective pop-ups on a board

Down dog position is a common yoga position focusing on perfect balance, strengthening of the body center and flexibility of arms and legs. Practicing this pose on a daily basis will improve your pop-ups on board. Combined with the precise technique of pop-ups you’ll be able to jump more quickly and stay steady on board.

For adequate posture on a board

So-called Easy pose in yoga is everything but easy. In fact, if you practice it for 10 to 15 minutes every day, it will strengthen your back and neck muscles which are essential for your proper steady posture on a surfing board. Sit with your legs crossed, arms lifted above your head and keep the perfect line between the hips chest and head. It will help you keep your hips, feet, and shoulders parallel to the board.

Strong core for effortless balance

Dolphin plank or elbow plank is highly effective yoga exercise for working your abs and chest muscles. An important aspect of this pose is to keep a straight line of your body parallel to the floor and to synchronize breathing. Stay in that position for at least one whole minute and repeat it several times.

All the physical and health benefits of yoga practicing

Too many people underestimate the power of yoga perceiving it as less dynamic, active, ‘’sweating’’ and physically challenging compared to highly cardio activities, such as running, swimming or many other popular sports activities. In fact, yoga faces you with all these challenges equally intensive, just in a slightly different manner. And the benefits are huge. Yoga helps your muscles stretch, strengthen and stay flexible. It stimulates your heart and regular breathing. It helps you coordinate your physical and mental strength, to boost your focus and concentration, as well as the control over your body. It decreases stress levels regulating hormones to normal concentrations. It influences your blood pressure in a positive way and improves your overall immunity.

Both body and mind benefit of yoga

Since stress is considered to be a silent killer of a modern age, regular exercising yoga keeps you safe from that point. Stretching and strengthening of all your muscles, including the small core spine muscles is essential for proper posture and health of the bones. Yoga keeps your blood pressure normal, improves your cardiac rate, bowl function and breathing capacities. All meditating poses focus your mind, help you concentrate, clear your thoughts and sharpen your senses. Above all, yoga balances your body and mind into harmonic unity.

Scientific interest in Yoga

Various benefits of yoga are widely known for a long time, but only recently the scientific community has conducted series of rational researches exploring physical and mental effects of yoga. All the results suggest rather positive influence, but particular findings are interesting and have opened a myriad of new questions. Some of the most popular researches include experiments of yoga positively affecting anxiety in pregnant women, hypertension among elders, chronic low-back pain and joints disorders in older people, as well as positive effect on many psychological conditions.


Rafael Johnson

  • I’ve been active in sports for decades, but one of my knee injuries has finally got me to quit. Doctors were even thinking of surgery. My friend got me to join yoga classes in spite of my primary skepticism. A year later, my knee is impressively better, I feel like I’m into “actual” sports again and my overall health and shape have improved significantly.

James Shearin

  • James ShearinTo be honest, I’m a man, and I’ve always had this prejudice about men doing stuff like yoga. It never seemed “manly” enough to me. This friend of mine somehow convinced me to give it a try, and here I am, regularly visiting classes and feeling great about it. It helped me gain control over my body and mind, be more effective and productive at work and boost my self-confidence in many aspects.

Advice for surfing beginners

The most important advice for every beginner engaging with surfing is to learn from the experts. Not to improvise on their own, but to follow surfing courses, sign into surfing schools and stick to the rules. Practice every time you get a chance is another essential advice. Practice even with a board placed on the sand. Watch your posture all the time, keep your body in good form and shape, improve your swimming technique. Invest into quality surfing equipment to enable you to express all the acquired skills.


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Surfing Equipment For Beginners

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Don’t Just Practice Yoga – Make It Your Lifestyle

Don’t Just Practice Yoga – Make It Your Lifestyle

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