What’s connecting yoga, surfing, and sustainability?

At first glance, there nothing in common to these three. Not even an average profile of the people involved with each of those. But if you go underneath the surface and dig into the philosophy of each of these activities, you’ll find more similarities than you expect. The central, essential idea is almost the same. Use your inner strength to keep the things perfectly balanced and in harmony, so you create a steady source of energy to catch the waves of the mere life. All three depend on string will and discipline. All three require rigorous coordination and passionate dedication. All three, eventually, lead to a blissful feeling of contentment. All three reflect highly positive on people’s overall physical and mental state. Engaging into one will improve your results in both other fields if you manage to apply the essential approach towards the matter into your life and personality.


Mary Hillman

Olivia Johnson

Melvin Jenkins

Evelyn Woods