Author: Juana Falco

Surfing Equipment For Beginners

When discussing surfing equipment, especially with beginners, there’s the first thing to make clear – surfing is quite of an investment in the beginning. It might not require constant investing, and once you’re equipped fully, you’re pretty much ready to go for a long time just with that equipment and no additional costs. But the initial cost isn’t small. So, if you’re a new one to the surfing and still making baby steps and getting your first impressions, perhaps it’s better for you to rent or borrow the equipment. Once you’ve learned the basics and became clear and sure...

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Don’t Just Practice Yoga – Make It Your Lifestyle

There’s a saying: “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place” that kind of sums up practicing, but also living yoga lifestyle. Yoga focuses on a perfect balance between body, mind, and spirit and this balance is essential in every aspect of your life to achieve your goals, but also to make sure your goals truly reflect you and your wishes. In other words, to live your life for real and to make sure your life is truly your authentic creation, you need to have these three aspects balanced. If you want to integrate yoga...

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    Morning Yoga Workout
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    Yoga for Athletes
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