When discussing surfing equipment, especially with beginners, there’s the first thing to make clear – surfing is quite of an investment in the beginning. It might not require constant investing, and once you’re equipped fully, you’re pretty much ready to go for a long time just with that equipment and no additional costs. But the initial cost isn’t small. So, if you’re a new one to the surfing and still making baby steps and getting your first impressions, perhaps it’s better for you to rent or borrow the equipment. Once you’ve learned the basics and became clear and sure you’ll stay with surfing for a long time, then you should look for instructions and get yourself a quality stuff from reliable providers.

Go with as big board as you can get

Go with as big board as you can getIt might sound weird to you because the first thought is that smaller boards should be easier to maneuver, but in fact, bigger boards are the perfect choice for beginners. The bigger the board, the easier you’ll catch all kinds of waves. So, look up for 8’ or 9’ board until you master the skills. Also, if it fits into your budget, try to acquire soft top surfboard. A big foam board is what you’re looking for. The soft top will protect you from hurting yourself while practicing balance, pop-ups, and paddling. Don’t neglect the second-hand surfboard options; many experienced surfers tend to sell their quality equipment with a few useful pieces of advice for free.

Dressed for success

Think thoroughly before investing into a wetsuit. There’s a large scale of various materials, models and additional features wetsuits include and the prices are not so widely affordable. Read about each model’s characteristics and keep in mind the schedule of your surfing. Look for extremely durable materials if you’re planning to delve into surfing on a daily basis, but if you are just an occasional surfer, less strong materials will do just good. Also, if you won’t surf in cold waters, you might won’t even need a wetsuit. In that case, several pairs of board shorts will suffice.

Additional equipment

Additional equipmentIf your budget is exhausted after purchasing board and wetsuit, it’s not a problem, because all other equipment is purely optional. Surfboard leash and surf wax are the most common additional stuff surfers use, so if you have some extra money and find it useful, you might want to get those too.